Examples: In “Larry Upgrade,” Tuddrussell and Larry argue like

Perhaps that’s a trivial example, but right now, any conversation about Ukraine is like that. In the course of 10 minutes, you hear a wide range of perspectives, from optimism, pessimism and pride in the revolution to anger at the things that don’t work. The assessment depends on who is talking, and, more importantly, what that person’s expectations were four years ago. Bi the Way: Jackie. Bizarre Alien Biology: The Anria are supposed to be crystalline or rocky things that look animalistic, humanoid, or some unidentifiable combination. Yet, they sport a functioning eye that doubles as their soul, have teeth, can eat even though they’re inorganic, and have some misamic substance that can leak out of their mouths. Does This Remind You of Anything?: This show lived and breathed on this trope, thanks to the seemingly constant flashes of Ho Yay and Ambiguously Gay behavior. Examples: In “Larry Upgrade,” Tuddrussell and Larry argue like a married couple (but not before sending Otto out to play). Then, there’s the “break up” between Lewis and Clark on “Lewis and Clark and Larry,” along with Clark getting jealous that Lewis “went exploring” with Larry.

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