Ruby later tells Apple Bloom that she was killed by the other

Nothing Is Scarier: The enemies are completely black when you first encounter them, and there are a few screens where the ground is completely black. There are no invisible enemies in these “black ground” screens, but try telling Stella Mccartneys Outlet your mind that. Novelization: Here (fanmade, but approved by the creator of the game). One Hit Point Wonder: Touching the Nightmares is instant death. Palette Swap: Apparently done just to mimic the NES’s style. Three Leaf (her overworld sprite in particular) looks like a palette swap of Pinkie Pie, although Pinkie doesn’t actually appear in the game. Parting Words Regret: One of the Nightmares, Mitta, laments about not protecting Ruby when she had the chance, and being forced to share in the fate of the rest of the townsponies. Prophet Eyes: Ruby. The Reveal: Everything seems okay in Sunny Town, but once Apple Bloom follows Ruby into her house and looks in the fireplace, she sees the burnt remains of her skeleton. Ruby later tells Apple Bloom that she was killed by the other townsponies after she received her cutie mark. Redemption Equals Death: This is subverted with Mitta. Red Eyes, Take Warning: The Nightmares have these. Retraux: Down to the graphical limitations! Scenery Gorn: The village when everything’s revealed, the Retraux style doesn’t lessen the impact at all. It’s probably not an accident that it looks so similar to Glitch City (interestingly, the most well known Glitch City of Pok Generation 1 was given the Fan Nickname “Sunny Town” before a town with the same name appeared in the anime). Self Duplication: The Level Editor reveals that the two Nightmares who appear with Roneo at the front of Sunny Town are both also Roneo. Sequel Hook: “See you later.” The ending narration below. However, the creator of the game has stated that Story of the Blanks most likely won’t have any direct sequels or prequels (but it will probably be referenced in his future FiM games). The fanmade Comic Book Adaptation has a bigger one, setting up its continuation. Schmuck Bait: Three Leafs and Roneo. Similar to Mitta, they are not actively hostile. Unlike Mitta, however, they will turn you into a nightmare if you touch them. Stepford Suburbia: Although Sunny Town is technically more of a rural hamlet. It still fits the trope. Stupidity Is the Only Option: Upon encountering the fallen logs, the only way to make the game progress is to wander off away from Twilight, then follow a mysterious figure into the depths of the forest. Surprise Creepy: As soon as Apple Bloom looks in that fireplace. These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know “Thoughout Equestria, relics of the past lay forgotten and alone, never truly resting, awaiting recognition.”.

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