Be it helping Scary Godmother’s Halloween parties

And consider this month cover story in the New York Times magazine that declared that husbands who help out with more chores such as folding laundry, cooking or vacuuming had sex with their wives 1.5 fewer times per month than those who did more masculine chores, ones that include lifting and grease and garbage. But in fact, as my colleague Eliana Dockterman pointed out, other experts argue that the lack of nooky may not be caused by the drudgery of non gender appropriate housework. It may simply be the advent of children and the energy sapping tasks that come with them that tend to put a damper on a couple sex life. (It a complex biological process whereby people who chase around after kids all day really need to sleep at night.) Not so bizarre.

Replica Designer Handbags None of the X Men have it easy, but Colossus seems to get the shaft even more often than most. Between having each member of his family die horribly one by one, falling in love with an alien woman who sacrificed herself to save him, getting his brother back only to see him sentence himself to eternity in a parallel dimension to protect him from their psychotic ancestor, and seeing the love of his life put herself on a giant space bullet days after they finally consummated their relationship. There’s also the time he died, but was then brought back to life so he could be experimented on for two years by a fanatic Blood Knight alien who thought Colossus was going to destroy his planet (which turned out to be a scheme implanted by ANOTHER insane alien who WANTED Colossus to destroy the planet because it was full of Ax Crazy Absolute Xenophobe types who said second alien felt DESERVED to die, ergo Colossus suffered for the sake of being a pawn). And then finding out that his little sister intentionally manipulated him into accepted the power of the Juggernaut, just to make him a monster. It’s a wonder the “Gentle” part stays with this Gentle Giant at all. Replica Designer Handbags

Replica Hermes Birkin Noodle People: Scary Godmother is a very skinny woman. Oddly Small Organization: Well Party at least. They make a big deal that Scary Godmother’s party is the biggest talk of the Fright Side, but by the time the party starts there are only a handful of people at most attending. Overly Long Gag: One word: “RECOUNT!” For context, Jimmy and his friends are voting for who should lead the way into the Spook House to find Hannah, only to discover that it’s one vote for everyone. Their response is to repeatedly demand a recount. Parental Substitute: Implied. Scary Godmother is very motherly towards Hannah, and the latter shows no doubt that she loves her godmother very much. Pink Means Feminine: Hannah’s fairy costume and daily clothes are mostly pink. Pixellation: This happens to Harry in The Revenge of Jimmy when his shirt disappears. Platonic Life Partners: Scary Godmother and Skully are always seen together. Be it helping Scary Godmother’s Halloween parties, snarling at Harry, or dancing with each other. Red Is Heroic: Inverted with Jimmy when he wears his red devil costume. He’s the closes thing to an antagonist, especialliy in Jimmy’s Revenge. Possibly played straight after the ending of the sequel Replica Hermes Birkin.