Dirty Cop: One of the bigger arguments of the series is that

The original series was followed up with a sequel in 2016, Double Tap, Center Mass, which ran from August 2016 to May 2017. Mellinger refers to him as a “reptile” who can see all the angles, and play them to protect his client regardless of whether or not he’s innocent. Later on, when Little Boi’s crew is unexpectedly represented by his firm and strikes a deal that protects Eric, Trudy states that as long as he’s well paid for his efforts, there’s probably nothing Dershowitz wouldn’t facilitate or organize. It’s never proven, but Dershowitz is almost certainly the one who hired the hit team that kills Little Boi. In the broader context, lawyers like this are a big reason the original team goes rogue in the first place. They use legal loopholes and dirty dealings to protect their obviously guilty clients, meaning that after years of legal but ineffective policework, the team is left with no choice but murder to deliver justice. Which is arguably an accurate appraisal. The sequel series has Mellinger shred the argument of a Strawman Political that all drugs should be legalized and drug dealers rehabilitated. He quickly reminds her that while drugs like marijuana are one thing, crack and heroin and meth are another, and users will do anything to get hold of money for them. Not only that, but the sheer amount of money available in trafficking means that many dealers don’t want to be rehabilitated, so what’s to be done about them? This could be considered a slight aversion, in that Mellinger is clearly sympathetic to and understands her viewpoint; he just has a different perspective due to his job and experience. Black and Grey Morality: The team are vigilantes who murder numerous people across the series http://ubiken.com/plummets-to-his-death-instead/, and on the whole don’t feel a twinge of remorse for their victims; they’re more worried about getting caught, and the consequences that would befall them and their families. That said, all of their targets are career criminals, paedophiles, mass murderers and gangsters, and more than one (like O’Dwyer) is straight up “pure fucking evil”. Corrupt Corporate Executive: One of the team’s chosen victims is a fairly blatant stand in for Bernie Madoff. Dirty Cop: One of the bigger arguments of the series is that there is a difference between this trope and a corrupt cop. Exactly how valid that is YMMV depends on the reader. “Can we just kill the idea right now that we were anything like O’Dwyer’s animals? No matter how fucked up we were, we were trying to do some good they did all that Jack the Ripper shit for profit.”.

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