Stripperiffic: Even her creator Neil Gaiman himself has

background to the brewing process

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Hermes Replica Handbags But the moral uncertainties of late term abortion have no bearing on the question of whether a fetus or a fertilized egg is a person. Just because we cannot define a point at which a fetus becomes a person in the spectrum of life does not imply we cannot know when we are clearly on one side or the other of that point. I know when something is green and when something is blue but I cannot tell you when one color yields to the next. Any attempt to define where one color ends and the other begins becomes arbitrary because green turns to blue across a smooth gradient of frequencies with no inherent boundaries. But we still know when something is green or blue. We also know that a fetus is not a person even if we do not know when that transition to person hood eventually takes place. Nothing about biology or ethics compels us to call a fetus a person. The debate has plenty of gray in the middle in which honest people can disagree. However, calling an early fetus or fertilized egg a person is a religious view unsupported by fact or reason; that has no place in a secular society Hermes Replica Handbags.