Patrick Kelly, President/Partner of AutoLoop/CAR Research XRM,

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Replica Handbags VIDEOTop 20 VideosRelevant Videos YouTube VideosGoogle ADM VideosVimeo Video SiteMetacafe ADM VideosDailyMotion ADM VideosDailyMotion ADM GroupJobsHelp WantedJob ListingsCan You Sell?LinkedIn ADM Job PostsREQUIRED: Auto Industry Business Segment or Affiliation (check all that apply):REQUIRED: Your Business Phone NumberYOUR Email address for business contactsYour Mobile Phone Number, Direct Business Line or Alternate NumberADM is a Professional Network, describe: “Why should anyone do business with you?”From its very conception, AutoLoop was designed to enhance the connection between dealerships and their customers. Using innovative technologies, we set out to build a marketing/communication platform that could maximize retention rates and ultimately boost dealer profits.Patrick Kelly, President/Partner of AutoLoop/CAR Research XRM, is a 33 year veteran of the automotive industry. He started his career selling cars at a Chevrolet dealership in south Texas in 1979, but due to his high level of energy and sales productivity, he eventually caught the eye of an executive at Gulf States Toyota where he was hired on as a District Manager. Replica Handbags

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